Older Dog Is Having A Nightmare


Scientists now know for sure that dogs are capable of dreaming and sometimes they have nightmares as well – just like people. Bad dreams are unpleasant and frightening. As a result, the dog does not feel well when it wakes up. When you see somebody have a bad dream beside, you wake up a person to stop his tortures and say to him that it’s just a dream. And what about the dogs? Do they react to it somehow? We see how a little Golden Retriever puppy see the big dog suffering and decides to do something about it. Though he is very confused and does not know what can be the best thing to do, it still wants to make his older friend comfortable.
When somebody sees a bad dream, it is recommended to wake the one up slowly, and though the pup does not know about it he starts comforting the other dog by instinct. This is amazing!