Old lonely widow after her husband’s death, finds neighbor’s new puppy standing at her door!


92-Year-Old Sally Rewehooeern moved to the U.S. from her hometown in Holland in 1953. And since her husband’s death in 1990, she’s been lonely, mostly because her kids live scattered all across the country.

Just recently, Sally’s neighbors in Mount Vernon, Washington, had to go through their own grieving period when they lost their beloved puppy Blizzard.

Then one fateful day, Sally’s neighbors brought home a 15-week-old Saint Bernard puppy named Brody who, on the very day they brought him home, wandered away from the house.

And before long, Brody found himself at Sally’s house right down the street… and ever since that day, the lonely widow and the goofy puppy have been the very best of friends.

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