Old Dog Stopped Vet


Not everyone gets a second chance for a better life, but those who do are really lucky to stumble upon the right people at the right time who are willing to help them keep fighting. That is the case with Emu, a stray dog who had a tough life on the streets. One day, he ended up at a vet’s office where he was supposed to be euthanized. But, God had other plans for this lovely creature. The doctor realized that with a little help, Emu could have a nice life ahead.

After the check up, instead of ending his life, the vet brought the dog to the Sidewalk Special’s Adoption Day event where Emu found a foster parent.

Despite everything he had been through, Emu started being confident around people.

Although adopting and/or fostering a senior dog is not easy because it requires lots of patience, the people who took care for the dog weren’t going to quit on him easily.

After learning how to socialize the time came for Emu to be adopted so he was taken to the Adoption Day where his new family was waiting for him and was happy to have him around.

Now Emu has a new life and a new name- Nutzie. He lives with his doggy sibling Sahara and the two get along perfectly and are inseparable.

Nutzie is a happy dog that makes the life of his new family fun and filled with laughter. He is loved by everyone around and he knows how to show his gratitude for being taken off the streets.

Below is a video of the amazing transformation. You won’t believe it’s the same dog.

Source: weloveanimals.me