Old Dog Is Gifted A Puppy Brother


The dog brought the puppy for Christmas. Touching meeting. So, you have decided to have a new puppy. You may have purchased a puppy with a pedigree, may have taken it from the shelter, but the main thing that you need to consider is how to integrate it into your family, especially if you already have a favorite dog.

You need to think not only about just integrating a puppy into a family, but also about how to train it while keeping your old dog happy. Dogs are by nature social beings. They usually like to be in the company of other dogs, but it is important that you know your dog and understand how it can react.

If she is not properly socialized, it can create problems for both dogs, when the puppy will be placed on its territory, so in that case, it is advisable to consult behaviorist before you bring your puppy home. However, if your dog is well trained and quite friendly to other dogs, the integration of the puppy will be much easier and faster.