Old Dog Dumped At Vet To Be Put Down, But Vet Makes A Different Call


The life of this dog was very hard. Emu was a street dog who was dropped off for euthanasia to the vet. But veterinarian made different decision. He decided that Emu would take part in Sidewalk Specialsā€˜ Adoption Day. This was the luckiest day in the life of this dog. Probably, the first lucky day in his life. His nervousness disappeared as long as doggy understood that he could trust people and he starting to break out of his shell. The dog was in very bad shape and needed to rid of fleas and mange. The doggy was very sweet and did not want to give up.
The doggie was adopted and received a new name. His name is Nutzie and he has a sibling Sahara. The dog experienced amazing transformation and looks great now!