Oh the Things People Do To Their Pets!


Sometimes people want their pets look different and do very strange things then. Look at this Japanese Chin who does not even suspect of his new image. He just wants to please the owner!
People like to spoil their pets. They care for them well, pamper them and order special grooming for them. They try to make their pets look perfectly.
Sometimes humans go too far in it and add some elements of grooming that are not that necessary for animals. This is just a whim to make the pet look different. If you add eyebrow to the face of the pet, its expression will be absolutely different. This feature will help to animate the expression. Animals are covered with fur and do not have natural eyebrows. It seems that some owners miss this feature and just tape fake eyebrows on their dogs. For instance, this is what the owner of this pet did. However, she received not quite fortunate image. A pair of sticky eyebrows added worry and hesitation to the face of the pet. Her spinning trick would look much better without that anxious expression on the dog’s face!