Off to the Vet (Full Film) – A Simon’s Cat Special


Dedicated to all cat people. The cult animated series about a mischievous and ever-hungry cat, which in every detail shows the darker side purring Pets. As practice shows, to make an interesting entertainment product does not necessarily involve multimillion-dollar budgets. Briton Simon Tofield managed with the common Adobe Flash.

Drawing inspiration from their cats, many of which creative animator at launch, the idea was three, Simon introduced the audience with rowdy, always hungry and very clever feline, by leaps and bounds advancing to the pinnacle of the art of manipulating a naive host.

In a short black-and-white sketches reflected all the nuances of behavioral patterns of cats, who never miss a chance for mischief on the sly. Nameless cat doesn’t like the diet specified to him by the human individual, whom he forced to share personal space, and the cunning cat is constantly in worries about how to convey this idea do not understand hints, Simon.