Nurse Saves 5-Week Old Blind Puppy From Being Euthanized


Doing their job, many breeders do awful things! In order to produce the best puppies they sort pups out and get rid of puppies with disabilities. They perceive live creatures as material they can’t derive profit from and just get rid of it! This is what happened to this fur baby.
This is Yorkshire Terrier named Bea who is 5 weeks old. Bea is very cute but she was born blind so she was brought to the vet to be put down. But when the nurse saw charming Bea she was smitten with love and she decided to save little doggy.
Now nothing threatens the pooch that stays at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. She enjoys being there and even got treatment that let her see a little so Bea is not actually blind at the moment. The doggy feels happy and even made a new friend – a big beautiful Labrador who cares about Bea and protects her!