No One Will Save Dog Drowning In River Until Man Leaps Off Bridge To Save Him


Most pet owners would do anything for their pets. They consider them family and treat them like their children. When a pet is sick, they take them to the vet. When a pet is sad, they show them love and attention. And when a pet is in trouble, the owner doesn’t hesitate to help.

One man recently jumped off a bridge in Alabama to save his dog.
While some see him as a hero, he insists that he just did what he had to do to save his best friend. He has no doubt that if the tables were turned, his dog would do the same thing for him.

It all started when Al Trovigner and his family were in standstill traffic on the Bayway. His dog, River, got impatient and eventually jumped off a nearby bridge. Trovigner couldn’t believe it at first. He explained the situation:

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