NFL Player Asks Shelter For Least Adoptable Dog And Here’s Who They Gave Him


The man asked in a shelter dog that no one wants to take, and that’s who showed him. One player Baltimore Ravens Ronnie Stanley came to the shelter with her friend Emily and Alexander Lewis, a player from his team to take the dog. Stanley approached the counter and told the shelter staff that he is looking for a special animal. “We are looking for a dog that lives a long time in the shelter and which no one wants to take,” he said. Employees are happy because they have so many dogs living at the shelter for years in anticipation of the new owners.

Usually it is either old dogs or dogs with disabilities, or dogs with serious health problems. Stanley and Emily showed several different dogs, but all of them they chose 6-year-old winter. Shelter has published this touching story in Facebook and it quickly went viral today. Here’s what they wrote: “Beauty of winter – the dog, who for most of his six-year career was spent in nightmarish conditions. She was found in an abandoned house on a hot day. The house had electricity and all the Windows were boarded up. The poor guy was dehydrated and very frightened. The winter was a saggy belly. Probably due to the large number of births on ‘puppy factory’.

These dogs often get in our shelter. Given her age, the stomach in the dog is unlikely to catch up. In our home, the visitors usually pass by these dogs, but not Ronnie! Winter (late Stanley gave her the name Lola) loves his new home. She spends her days running around a large yard or snoozing on the couch and on the bed their new parents. Stanley grateful for what the shelter staff helped him to find Lola, and he again thanked the shelter.