Newfoundland Saves Girl From The Scary Ocean Waves


A day at the beach is fun for anyone. Surf, sand, and relaxation are sure to put anyone in a good mood. For this Newfoundland, a day at the beach turns into a quick rescue mission. One minute they’re frolicking on the beach near Gouville-sur-Mer, France, the next Matyas – the Newfoundland dog – was having to save his human from a rogue wave.

This scene was captured by the girl’s mom nearby, and though the video was amusing and showed the girl was in no immediate danger, it also shows how dogs care about our well-being. The little girl in the video can be seen wearing a white t-shirt being overtaken by a wave. She obviously recovers quickly and continues playing. Matyas, of course, believes his human is still in danger. It may not have been the case, but very could have been. Watch below to witness the adorable reaction of the big Newfoundland.

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