Neglected Shelter Dog Huddles In the Corner Of His Kennel, Too Scared To Let Anyone Touch Him


At the end of the day, all our animals want is for us to love them and take care of them just like they do for us. When we’re sad, lonely, scared, or just feeling down, our dogs and cats curl up alongside us and remind us that as long as they’re around, we don’t have to face things alone. To anyone with a heart, hurting such an animal is absolutely unconscionable.

But some people can’t even afford their animals that small kindness of giving them affection, food, and shelter, even though they want nothing more than to love and be loved by their humans. Millions of dogs and cats worldwide are thrown away each year like trash by people who are both overtly, violently cruel and people who just can’t be bothered to take care of their pet anymore.

Such was the case for one terrified, neglected dog in Georgia. The pup, named Stewart, was discovered in the woods near Dalton, Georgia, thrown out into the forest like a piece of garbage. His story is one that’ll certainly tug at your heartstrings.

Photographer Rebecca Rood went to the Whitfield County Animal Shelter one day to spend a little time with the shelter’s residents. That’s when she saw Stewart, and the sight of him in his kennel completely broke her heart.

He was huddled in the corner with his head down, too scared and disappointed to engage with anyone passing by. She asked shelter volunteers what he’d been through, and his story was tragic.

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