Mother Pit Bull And Her 10 Newborn Babies Are Abandoned At Shelter. Then One Man Sacrifices Everything To Keep Them Alive


“She cried with huge tears like a man …” poor pit bull girl was used for a few years to produce puppies and then just thrown away! It turns out, dogs, too, can cry. Especially if they were treated in an inappropriate manner.

This cute seven-year-old pit bull found himself in the shelter after she was brutally thrown out of the house. Throughout her life she continuously gave birth to puppies, her owner happily sold. And now he’s tired, and he threw it away. Fortunately, volunteers from the North Carolina orphanage found her and took her with them.

After the dog was saved, she often just sat and cried! In this state she noticed one of the shelter workers and wanted her help. The woman was recorded on video, the dog cries and posted on the social network.