Monster Cuts Dogs Legs Off To ‘Teach Him A Lesson


Dog named Coli in Thailand got a new full life. The vets literally put the dog on the legs, but not like in a fairy tale sewing new, and manufactured high-tech prosthetic! Flexible metal silicone based. He will not RUB the limbs so the animal can run and enjoy life.

Once Coli was left without front legs. They were cut off by the sword of cruel former owner. And did it just because of the fact that the puppy chewed his shoes. Now Coli as a famous Paralympic Oscar Pistorius! Joyful and ready for any victory! Her destiny began to change because of the Foundation “Soi Dog Foundation”.

Founder – Jill Daly – she lost both her legs due to septicemia and became the owner of a denture, made by Dr. Bengt Soderbergh of the Scandinavian orthopedic laboratory in Phuket.