Monster Abandoned Baby And Left Him To Freeze To Death


This is the story that sends chills down spine. It shows how people can be cruel even to their own kids and how compassionate animals come to help despite everything. The story comes from Russia, which is a country with rather severe winter. The streets are covered with snow in winter as temperature is below zero. This story happened in winter time therefore it is especially shocking.
People found an abandoned baby on the cat’s bed in the communal hallway and cat started crying to attract attention of humans. The cat’s name is Masha. She is a kind of community cat where all neighbors cared about the cat in turns.
It was late when all this happened, so there was no immediate reaction. All this time cat tried to make the baby warm. The baby was clean. Person who left it, left also diapers and food for him. Then one of the old ladies who lived in that house decided to have a look what happened to Masha. Why is she crying so desperately? She worried that Masha is in trouble and some fighting cats came to the house to attack. When she saw a baby on her bed, woman was shocked.
The baby was taken under care by the state. Doctors examined the little boy and he was fine thanks to Masha who kept him warm.