Only Moments Before Being Rescued, This Stray Dog Was Viciously Attacked – We Can See the Exciting Conclusion!


Stray dogs can’t stand for themselves. If the opponent is stronger, they are helpless. When attack is too rough then it can end badly for them. There are a lot of lethal outcomes for this reason. Strays have no place where they can hide from evil people, animals or just bad weather. Such dogs and cats do not live long in comparison with animals who were lucky enough to live in the families.
This dog named Ariel is a stray dog and she had a very bad life living long on the streets. It was found at last by PETA who cared well about her. They found Ariel right in time after she was brutally attacked by other dogs. It turned out as well that she had deformed paws. Also, she had matted hair and was in very bad condition.