Moments Before Police K-9 Is Put Down Final Radio Call Comes Thru With Tear-Jerking Message For Dog


When Argo the German Shepherd joined the Hildago County Sherrif’s Office in 2009, he was instantly welcomed into the family of officers. Partnered with LT Francisco Guerrero, Argo became certified as a Narcotics Detection Dog and thrived at his new job. Credited with taking thousands of pounds of drugs off the streets, the K-9 was a valuable member of the Texas police force.

After many years of service, Argo received a devastating bone cancer diagnosis. Though he didn’t let the pain slow him down, his partner was quick to notice the dog suffering. With a terminal diagnosis, LT Francisco Guerrero was forced to make one of the most difficult decisions of his life. He knew that it was in the pup’s best interest to be put down, so a small and intimate ceremony was arranged for the officers to give their four-legged colleague the heroic send-off he deserved.

What happened next left the room in tears, as members of Argo’s family and police force gathered to pay their final respects. Keeping with law enforcement tradition, a final call was dispatched over the radio congratulating the sweet dog on his years of bravery and service. Though it is clear that Argo is ready to say goodbye, the love surrounding him is palpable. Watch the sweet dog react to his emotional final call in the video below – thank you Argo for your loyal service.