Mom Tells Husky He Needs A Shower


We all have certain activities we don’t necessarily like doing, but as adults we usually try and suck it up and do them anyways. However, if you’re a child or perhaps an adorable husky – you might at least try putting up a fight. Suzanne knows all about having a pet who doesn’t always go with the flow. Her dog Monk has one activity he’s absolutely not crazy about – bath time.

One day when Suzanne took Monk into the bathroom she decided to hit record to capture what happens when she tells him it’s time for his shower. With the water running in the background, the husky is sitting next to the toilet while looking innocently up at mom. She tells him, “Come on, let’s get in the shower.” Monk thinks about it for a second before heading straight for the closed bathroom door. When he realizes mom’s serious about it – that’s when he decides he’s not going down without at least trying.

As you may know, huskies are well-known for being vociferous dogs, and many are known to even have their own little tantrums! Monk will do anything to get out of bath time, so begins “talking back” to mom in his own funny way. He then proceeds to throw himself on the floor 2-year-old style, before jetting around the bathroom in protest. Suzanne then says on camera, “This is what I go through, every time I give you a bath.” Although I’m sure it’s frustrating for mom, it sure is pretty comical and cute to view from the outside! Watch the video below to see what it’s like to have a husky who doesn’t like shower time