Mom Confronts Husky About Missing Tennis Shoe, Records His Laugh-Out-Loud Response


Husky stole her shoes, but she’s not ready to plead guilty. Husky can be quite willful and stubborn, but if you take his training from childhood, the character of the dog will be transformed for the better. Husky can hardly be called Pets, which are always easy to cope with. They are very stubborn, self-willed, I love to manage the hosts.

But, of course, with such dogs not case bored. Take this hero by the name of Azlan. While the mistress was sleeping, the dog stole shoes. Then the owner tried to restore justice, but with huskies it is not so easy! The Siberian husky has captured the thousands of ordinary people around the world.

In side there are artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, who often chant this breed in their works. That’s not surprising. It is impossible not to fall in love with the bottomless eyes of this cute and affectionate dog.