Mom Can’t Save Baby From Burning Building, Dog Sacrifices His Body To Save Baby’s Life


Erika is a young mother from Maryland and she recently experienced one of the most powerless feelings a person can ever go through. Her home burst into flames and she was forced to watch helplessly as all of her possessions burned. Worst of all, her newborn child was trapped inside. Little Vivianna’s cries could be heard from the outside of the home.

Unfortunately, she and her neighbors were unable to save the child. They even attempted to kick in the windows and doors to no avail. Once the firefighters arrived, Erika let them know that her baby and her dog were still trapped inside of the home. When the firemen came into the house, they never could have expected what they were going to find.

Polo the dog is one of the bravest animals that we have ever known. Eight month old Vivianna had no ability to save herself and Polo intervened in a very special way. The little pup knew that the child would not be able to survive for long. So Polo did what any other dog would do in this situation: she sprawled out on top of the baby and protected her from the flames.

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