Mom Called Her Puppies For Dinner


Adorable animal videos you can find online always are lifting mood considerably. The video you will see now is one of them. It is really cute and it will also make your heart melt. Puppies are the cutest creatures on earth. What can be better than one dog? Six of them!
If you are the owner of the dog, you definitely know how doggies adore treats. They are crazy over things they love and like to get food on their own. When you see how you eat, they are immediately come up to you and wait for the moment when you decide to share.
The puppies you will see in this video are Scottie Terriers named Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Nigel, and Annalise. They get their favorite treat of the day – a daily dose of goat milk. They like it so much that when the gather around and start drinking, they make a pinwheel. Wiggling their tails the puppies spin around the dish.