“Miracle Dog” Comes Back Home After She Went Missing For 5 Weeks At Sea


Commercial fisherman Nick Haworth gave his German Shepherd Husky mix the name Luna, after the moon that guides them at sea. And as it turns out, it was the perfect choice!

The blue-eyed pup was lost at sea one day. Everyone thought she had died. But then the pooch showed up more than a month later to prove them wrong! Many people have called Luna “the miracle dog”, thanks to her unbelievable story.

Luna frequently joined Nick when he went out to sea. But sadly, she went missing on a trip off the coast of San Diego, roughly two miles from the Island of San Clemente, which is home to a military training facility.

Nick says it was sudden – one minute she was there, and the next minute she was gone. He looked for her everywhere. He searched the waters and all around the boat, but there was no sign of Luna.

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