Miniature Cow Called Moonpie Rescued from Auction Falls in Love with Every Dog She Meets


When you first see Moonpie, you’ll notice one difference right away: she’s not a dog – she’s a mini-cow who was rescued from an auction house.

According to Janice Wolf, founder of the Rocky Ridge Refuge, she’s having a bit of an identity crisis. This mini cow thinks she’s a dog! Instead of hanging out with the other cows at the sanctuary, Moonpie prefers to live with the 12 dogs there.

“She accepts them as her buddies,” Wolf said to The Dodo. “Babies like that — they don’t know a whole lot about what it’s supposed to be, so they kind of just accept things.”

Moonpie was almost sold at a livestock auction. Many of the animals that are put up for these things aren’t treated very well. Wolf can’t stand the things, so a friend had to go to the auction to see if there were any animals that they could help out. It didn’t take very long for Wolf’s friend to come across Moonpie.

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