Men See Cowering Pit Bull Trapped On Flooded Car


Not all were able to make the journey to safety in the midst of hurricane Harvey disaster. Many animals were just dropped by their owners. Supposedly, the same happened to this adorable pit bull who was discovered trapped on flooded car. The dog was too scared and was aggressive when people tried to help it. For 2 days, they had been trying to save this poor dog. However, he wouldn’t accept help from anyone. Then, two determined men changed everything.
This video shows the dog in fear when men approach the animal by boat. They want to take pit bull onto their vehicle but being stricken with fear the dog loses it. The dog lashes out. The rescuers did not know what to do but refused to leave without this beautiful dog. It was definitely very hungry so they decided to lure the dog with a treat. They gave a pack of beef jerky to the dog and only this made him leave the flooded car. They called him Harvey and decided to adopt him if no owner comes forward.