Meet Jax, the dedicated post office worker


Known for its legendary beauty and charm, the seaside village of Portree, Scotland, on the Isle of Skye, has everything a tourist could want: incredible scenery, quaint shops, classy restaurants, and a dog working at the local post office. Meet Jax, the adorably cute dog who will be happy to greet you, take your order, and even lick your stamps for you.

Postmaster Ray Chandler has managed the post office for the last two years with his faithful four-legged companion by his side, literally. As a greeter, Jax has excelled in his position, warming the hearts of everyone who stops in to buy some stamps or send a letter. However, Jax is no ordinary greeter; he goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure all the post office’s customers’ needs have been met.

Jax has earned the title “Official Stamp Licker,” and he is glad to do the dirty work for those patrons who aren’t too fond of licking the backs of those gummy stamps. “Jax absolutely loves it,” says Chandler. “He’ll actually lick your stamps.”

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