A Massive, 106-Pound Dog Walks Up To A Frail Grandma… Now Watch What She Does


The dog is already not the first year working in the clinic. He works with elderly people from communicating with the dog a lot. Winston-a large breed of dog, designed to protect livestock from predators. These massive dogs are known for their snow — white coat and strong protective instinct.

The majority believes that the Pyrenean mountain dog is descended from the Molossus group of dogs brought to Europe by the Roman conquerors. However, some experts dispute this opinion. There were many large European dogs, whose ancestors did not belong to the Molossus, although subsequently interbred with them. These breeds very ancient, they existed hundreds, if not thousands of years. As they looked more like wolves than most Molossus, they were called Lupomollossoid. The word lupus in Latin means wolf.

Today it is unclear what breeds can be attributed to this group and what connections between these breeds. It is believed that these include: the Pyrenean mountain dog, Moscow watchdog, dog. All of this is a large, ancient dog breeds living in Europe and Asia. The first people who raised these dogs, valued for loyalty and protective instinct. They selected the largest and strongest of the puppies, not lagging, and even exceeding the size of a wolf. Natural selection has created a dog at the same time bodyguard and caretaker, is able to survive against predators and against people.