Marine rappels 350 ft into slot canyon, is horrified by the animal he finds


While on a solo hiking and rappelling adventure through the slot canyons near Page, Arizona, Zak Anderegg dropped into a deep “pot hole” that was at the bottom of a 350-foot (106.7-meter) canyon and made a discovery that would change two lives forever.

A small, dark puppy was at the bottom of the hole, alone and starving. He was so weak that he could barely move, but he did manage to stand when Anderegg brought him some food and water — after Anderegg climbed out of the 20-foot hole to get it and then rappelled back down.

Anderegg returned the next day with the equipment needed to haul the young dog out of the hole. After completing the dangerous rescue alone, the former Marine sergeant immediately took the emaciated animal to a veterinary hospital.

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