Man Wrongfully Imprisoned For 38 Years Leaves Prison With Puppy He Raised


In 1980, when Malcolm Alexander was 21, he was charged with rape and received an extremely severe sentence of life imprisonment in the infamous Angola prison in Louisiana.

Malcolm assured me from the start that he had not committed a crime, that he had been accused by mistake, but no one had heard him. Only in 1996, a nonprofit legal organization engaged in the business of innocently accused, drew attention to his case and began to seek through the courts of revision. It took more than a dozen years and was finally proved by DNA that rape is done by somebody else.

January 30, 2018 at the age of 58 years, Malcolm Alexander was finally released, but he went not alone, with him was a black Labrador named “Innocent” or for short just Inn. This dog was born 9 months ago in the prison and Malcolm took care of a small puppy. On these 9 months it is a watchdog became for him the only friend for tens of years.