Man Told He Has 5 Years To Live, So He Goes To The Shelter And Asks For This Specific Dog


The amazing story of an American named Eric O ‘ gray, who suffered from severe obesity and type 2 diabetes, is gaining popularity on the Internet. Every month he spent about $ 1000 on treatment, but doctors made disappointing forecasts.

According to them, in case Eric changes his way of life, then in five years his body may begin irreversible change, which he could die. The American then sounded the alarm and called the friend of the nutritionist. But what was his surprise when, instead of dieting, he advised him to get a dog. Without hesitation, Eric went to the animal shelter and picked out suffering from obesity dog. – I told the shelter staff I wanted to take a middle-aged obese dog so I could have something in common with her.

The dog I named Peete — the man told. Eric and Peete every day began to engage in sports and Jogging in the morning and sat on a rigid diet. According to the most American, the dog itself every day would Wake him up and literally force pushed out for a morning jog.