Man’s Boat Sinks With Dogs But He Won’t Let Them Drown


We’ve all heard the saying that “Dog is Man’s Best Friend”, but rarely do we realize that this sentiment works both ways.

One Louisiana man though learned just how deep his bond with his two dogs runs.

On June 18th Christopher Burns of Bossier Parish, Louisiana was enjoying a day out on Lake Bisteneau in his boat with his two dogs, Saint and Tacoma.

Then out of nowhere, his boat began sinking and it sank fast.

Burns told the local newspaper, the Shreveport Times, that after making a simple left turn, the boat began to take on water.

it was within two to three seconds, the boat was completely under water. It was just a left-hand turn, nothing that I hadn’t done a hundred times.

A few seconds is not much time to make a plan of action. Fortunately for the 33-year-old boater, he was wearing his life jacket which, in this scenario, made all the difference!

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