Man Out in Kayak Hears Strange Splashing in The Water


There are things you do not expect to see in water when you fish and this man didn’t expect anything like that either. This person installed the camera thinking that he would catch a big fish and this will be recorded. But something different swam to his kayak and this was the dog. It was hard to tell what happened to poor guy but he was shivering from cold and fear. Man also discovered bleeding wounds on the dog. Trying to help the dog, man is heading for shore. He hopes to find the dog’s owner there but there was no any person on the shore who would look for the dog.
When they got to the shore, man discovered that dog’s paw was injured so badly that it was hard for him to step on it. He called his sister for help and, fortunately, her family was close to come to rescue. They took doggy to the vet where he was microchipped and his owner was found. As it turned out, the dog’s family was in a horrible accident caused by a drunk driver and the mother was killed in it. Other members of the family were sent to the hospital and dog was so frightened that it ran away from the scene. After all circumstances revealed the family reunited with their dog and now they are all healing together. The dog helps the family heal from their loss.