Man makes moving promise to dog


A mother is a mother and her love for the children is unconditional, no matter if it is human or an animal. This story proves once again that mothers are always ready to sacrifice their happiness and even life for the well-being of the offspring.

Gaia was a pregnant dog who was left alone to wander the streets of California. This mother-to-be did her best, and never stopped fighting for the puppies inside her tummy.

The dog was found by two women who were willing to take care of Gaia till she gave birth to her puppies but she didn’t trust humans and refused any help she was offered. Knowing that she couldn’t do it on her own, the women contacted Hope For Paws and asked them to step in.

When Eldad Hagar, the founder of the rescue organization, arrived at the place of delivery in search of the mother and the puppies he only found the three babies.

Unfortunately, the poor girl was hit by a car and was lying on the side of the road. Eldad went immediately to the place where the dead body was and made the most important promise of his life: to take care of her pups!

“I’m sorry they did this to you. I promise you I’ll save your babies,” Eldad said.

When he returned to take the puppies he saw them hiding in a hole. He immediately though of using some food in order to make them get out of there. And one of the puppies whom they named Sidney came closer.

“At that time, the other two puppies were really scared and did not leave the hole for two hours,” Eldad said.

In desperation, the man took the dead dog’s body to call the puppies’ attention. However, he only managed to rescue the beautiful Matilda! The third dog was still missing…

Four hours later, the third puppy, Gabriella, got out of the hole, and now Edgar was ready to take the siblings to the shelter. Their vibrant personality helped them find a loving home very quickly.

The girls are now happy and healthy, and that is everything their mother would have wanted for them. She can now rest in peace.