Man Who Killed Police Dog Jethro Sentenced To 45 Years In Prison


This man will spend in prison all his life for killing a dog. The US court of Ohio handed down a guilty verdict to a young man by the name of Cilantro Barefield who is trying to get to the grocery store for alcohol, shot and killed a police dog K-9 Jethro. According to the verdict, in prison a man will spend 45 years, reports the ABC. Jethro worked with officers Ryan Davis, which was two months, still a puppy, and since then they never parted.

In that ill-fated January day in a fish shop burglar alarm, and Davis with a dog went to check out the facility. The store was indeed a burglar – Beierfeld. In the shootout Jethro was killed and Bauerfield was wounded in the leg. According to the source, Barefield pleaded guilty to all charges, however his lawyer declined to comment to reporters about the hearing and the verdict. It is noted that the K-9 Jethro was killed in the beginning of this year.

Having learned about the incident, local residents flooded the police Department, which served dog, and donations. The guards were especially touched by what the girl is doing Allison. She listed the police all their savings from benefits and asked to spend the money on a special bulletproof vests that help save the lives of service dogs.