Man Drives 200 Miles To Save The Life Of A Dog About To Be Put Down


Royce the dog had been through a lot during the course of his life. The poor dog was found as a Miami stray and was covered in cuts and bruises when he was first located. Royce was adopted after being taken to the shelter but the new owners brought him back right away. He was adopted again after that. Unfortunately, he was brought back yet again as well.

He’s got an adorable face but he also has boundless energy. This can be a tricky combo for those who are not used to a dog who is this quick witted and impulsive. He requires a fair amount of supervision. Once he was returned again, he was deemed unfit for adoption. A volunteer at the shelter decided to share the dog’s plight with their Facebook friends.

Hopefully, the post would find its way to the right people so that Royce could find a home as quickly as possible. David Sebba was one of those people. When he saw the post, he knew that he had to intervene as quickly as possible. Royce was simply too special of a dog to allow him to slip away like this. David knew that his chances of finding another home were slim to none.

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