Man Boating Towards Deserted Island


David Foster was on the trip of a lifetime. He was smack-dab in the middle of the Amazon and thrilled to be able to explore such a wild part of our planet. But when his sailing group decided to head inland toward a private beach, his entire life was flipped upside down.

Just as the boat pulled into the cove, David spotted a small black creature swimming toward them. As the ship got closer, David realized that the small figure was, in fact, a dog struggling to stay afloat. There were no other villages in the area, and the last local was spotted several miles down the coastline. Where was this dog’s owner?

David quickly waded over to the pup. He inspected the dog and promptly observed her bony, bruised body. She was bleeding in several places, had a terrible flea infestation and hadn’t eaten in days. Not only was she starving, but David concluded that her time on the deserted island was at the hands of humans.

He told The Dodo, “It looked as if someone had beaten her. She was so close to death. She was wagging her tail and crying at the same time.” David understood he was the pup’s only hope at staying alive. After convincing the captain to allow the dog on the boat, he brought the dog (who he later named Negrita) to a local vet and prayed they would be able to help.

Even though Negrita suffered from fleas, ticks, superficial wounds and was incredibly malnourished, she escaped the island without any severe injuries. The vet informed David that Negrita’s healing would take time – but he didn’t give up. For five long months, David waited to ship Negrita back home to Northern Ireland.

The moment David finally laid eyes on Negrita was something he’ll remember for the rest of his life. The emaciated dog was transformed into a lovable ball of fluff who was just as excited to see David as he was to see her! Take a peek at their heartwarming story below. We need more caring people like David in the world!