Mama cat introduces her kittens to dog


The cat brought the kittens to his friend. Sometimes it seems that the contemplation of what a kind and gentle can be and are sometimes Pets, is one of those things you can watch forever. If you have a friend whom you can always entrust the most expensive, then you are truly lucky in life!

What a lucky cat this touching video. We don’t know how to start the story of their relationship, but it is clear that purring has long been friendly with the neighbor’s dog, and as soon as she had the chance — the cat brought the kittens to his old friend. To the bride, so to speak.

Look, what an amazing scene of trust, love and tenderness then played out! While the “godfather” coddling with the kids, and you can relax a little bit. Surely you agree with this idea that if you look at the following video. The hero of this video decided to bring her kittens to an old friend, and her decision undoubtedly was correct. Look how this cute dog playing with her kids.