Macaw Is Best Friends With German Shepherds, Now They’re Taking Over The Internet


Having pets in the house can really make things lively and fun. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to pets, but there are some that don’t mind having more than one species of pet in the house. They are all about that mini-menagerie life! Jesse from Australia is pretty enthusiastic about sharing her home with other pets. Right now, she lives with two German Shepherds and a macaw!

Her macaw’s name is Rio, and he loves being the center of attention wherever he goes. Having such bright feathers is a plus—nobody can take their eyes away from that! He is the oldest among the pets, and has been hanging out with the German Shepherds Zoro and Raven since they were tiny puppies. They might be different species, but they totally love being around each other. Interspecies friendship is always cute, and these three prove it as well.

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