Lost Dog Hasn’t Seen Owner For 7 Months As Cameras Capture Tear-Jerking Moment She Recognizes Him For 1st Time


As all animal lovers know, our four-legged friends are part of the family. When they feel pain, so do we – and if something goes wrong it can be easy to blame ourselves. One dog owner from Texas learned this lesson the hard way, when his German Shepard named Dora suddenly went missing.

The dog’s owner had been enjoying his 4th of July holiday when he realized his precious pooch had disappeared. Leaping over the backyard fence, Dora had fled in a fright upon hearing the unexpected fireworks.

Her owner searched the neighborhood tirelessly, unable to locate her despite his best efforts. Although she had a microchip, he quickly became discouraged as the weeks passed and Dora never turned up.

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