Lost Dog Doesn’t Recognize Owner Until She Smells Him


From the moment that Pakita was dropped off at the shelter, after being found wandering the streets over two years ago, the staff could sense that something just wasn’t quite right.

“People prefer puppies,” volunteer Silvia Ferreyra told The Dodo. “So, for two years, she stayed with us.”

Silvia had fallen in love with the dog, despite his sullen demeanor, but no one seemed to want to give him a chance.

Pakita was so depressed that the shelter staff was finding it difficult to even get a picture of her. Every time they’d try, she would turn and cower away from the camera, no amount of coaxing or comforting would help.

Finally, after multiple attempts, they were able to get a decent picture of the dog and put it up on social media. They were hoping to find a potential adopter for Pakita, but as it turns out, she already had a home.

“Immediately, we get a message from a woman saying that the dog was her son’s and that he had been looking for her!” Silvia said.

Ariel Naveira is the name of the woman’s son, and he had been trying desperately to find his beloved dog for the past two long years. She had escaped from their yard and he never saw her again, despite all of his efforts to find her.

Both Silvia and Ariel weren’t 100% sure if this was the dog that he had lost two years ago, so they arranged a meeting to be certain. The very next day, Ariel drove to Arca Animal refuge to confirm what he hoped would be the end of a long, emotional search.

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