Looking to Train Your Husky? Go Get Your Girlfriend a Dog Onesie First!


Training your dog can sometimes be a pain. Some breeds are a little more hyper than most. Others have a short attention span. What better way than learning by doing? That is what one guy decided to do when he was looking to train his Husky. Most dogs do better learning tricks when they see another one doing tricks. Unfortunately, he seemed to be having a difficult time training his dog. Thankfully, his girlfriend was a great sport! He convinced her to go out and buy a dog onesie to play a “human dog”. I consider that true love right there!

A guy asked his girlfriend to wear a dog onesie

He was able to teach his dog how to stand, sit, lay or high-five with the “human dog” first. After watching the “demo”, the Husky would know what to do with all his orders. Dog training can be exhausting at times, yet fun. By doing that, your Husky will realize that, follow orders means treats. This will make your training much easier.

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