After Living on the Streets this Neglected German Shepherd Finally Discovers What It Feels Like to Have a Loving Family


Poor dog didn’t understand what she’s getting only better. Had several volunteers to catch her. German sheep-dogs have excellent intelligence, they are obedient, faithful, with proper education are friendly not only to the owner, but also to all family members, do not offend other Pets.

They are active, playful (even at a respectable age), require frequent communication with a person. To alien people are wary, but not angry, as if sorting out who is in front of them – friend or foe. They have well-developed intuition and instinct.

German sheep-dogs combine two important criteria that make them universal for official purposes, and for reverent friendship with man – these dogs are good-natured, but clearly understand the tasks set before them in the form of protection entrusted to them lives, territories