He Live In Radioactive Zone, Risking His Life, To Feed The Animals That Everyone Else Left Behind!


Years after the crash, he lives here all alone. When in 2011 the strongest ever Japan earthquake and the ensuing devastating tsunami happened the fateful explosion at the Fukushima NPP, thousands of people, as in Chernobyl, were forced to leave their homes.

They had to leave everything – friends, neighbors, property, including Pets, and to go in search of a new life that, in fact, had to build from scratch. But 4 years later, a brave farmer Naoto Matsumura decided to go back to your town Tamika to take care of the remaining animals.

And he is the only person that lives in an infected city. Not able to watch the cattle and the other left in the lurch Pets are starving, Matsumura decided to stay and live in one of the most radioactive regions of Japan.