Little Boy Leaves Puppy In Box Outside School With A Note


The puppy was sadly left in a box..

At a school in Detroit, Michigan, a school janitor was busy cleaning the building when he heard a knock on the front door.

He decided to lookout through a window and saw a boy running away from the school property.

He then made his way to the front door of the school, he found a cardboard box with a handwritten note attached to it. He then opened the box and was shocked to find a small puppy inside!

The school janitor immediately contacted a teacher at the school, who was known as a dog lover. The teacher soon took the puppy home temporarily and named her “snowflake”. She then contacted a local animal rescue named Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue and arranged for the rescue team to take Snowflake into their care.

According to Theresa Sumpter, the founder and director of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, they could not contact the boy who left Snowflake at the school and said that he had tried his best to take care of Snowflake but wanted a better life for her. She had also indicated that the box contained some dog food and a blanket for Snowflake, there were also holes on the surface to allow Snowflake to breathe.

Snowflake was found to be seven and a half weeks old and was reluctant to leave the box at first so Sumpter gave her an extra blanket for warmth. Snowflake did have to leave the box eventually so she could be dewormed and receive vaccinations at a vet.

If no one comes forward to claim Snowflake, Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue will ensure that Snowflake finds her a forever home. For now, Snowflake is enjoying her life and spending the holidays with her new foster family.

Please contact Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue if you are keen to adopt Snowflake once she is ready for adoption. If you are residing in the Detroit area, you can also help other dogs by volunteering to be a foster caretaker.