Little Boy Dumps Puppy In A Box Outside School, Leaves Painful Note Along With Him


One frosty winter evening, a homeless boy came to the building of one of the General schools of Detroit (USA) in a shabby autumn jacket, a miserable cap and a cardboard box in his hands. No, he did not beg or worse – to try something to steal…

He silently left a cardboard box near the entrance, and then attached to it the note and silently withdrew. After a while, the janitor on duty that night at school noticed the find. When the man opened it, he was plunged into shock. Inside was a small, shivering puppy, staring in disbelief janitor in the eye.

When the man read the note left on the box, then tears. It was written: “I’m sorry, he’s homeless, and it’s very cold outside and I want to give it to you. Please find him a warm home and loving hosts. Thank You.»