Little Baby Clung On And Never Let Go


Opossums are such cute animals, usually the size of a cat. They’re very prolific and active, climb trees, and can play dead if threatened. However, sometimes can occur sad things. The mother of this little possum named Poncho was hit by a car.

He was left alone and defenseless, tightly clinging to the mother’s body. In this form it was picked up by people. The baby was examined at a veterinary clinic, it would seem all is well. But Poncho was an orphan, there is “good”. And then on his own the call of the heart of a dog came to the aid of a German shepherd to hunt.

She had her puppies, the possum didn’t have a mother. They found each other! Now the two animals are inseparable and live in the reserve, by his example, inspiring people to protect the environment.