Leaving Your Dog in a Hot Car Can Be Fatal


According to PETA, every year hundreds of dogs and, to a lesser extent, other Pets die painfully, which careless owners close inside cars. This is a classic delusion problem: people know it’s hot out there, but they don’t know how the heat effects get worse over time.

A matter of minutes, not tens of minutes, during which it is possible to go to the store and back, and literally a matter of 5-10 minutes. To show how it works, enthusiasts conducted a simple and visual experiment. Our senses are imperfect, so it’s hard for us to feel how the temperature in the car is actually changing. In the course are simple and reliable measuring instruments that show us the following.

If on a Sunny day, behind only 25 degrees, then in ten minutes, locked the car can warm up to 50! And if the day is a priori hot, from 30 degrees and above, then in a few minutes the car interior turns into a terrible shower with a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius!