Jake Gave 16 Loyal Yrs To Family That Leaves Him, But Then It All Turned Around


Shelter dogs often have sad histories. But sometimes a story like Jake’s comes along and really punches us in the gut. It’s heartbreaking, yes, but there is also the possibility of a new, exciting future filled with hope… and love.

Jake was taken to the Ohio Humane Society when his family decided they no longer wanted him. After 16 loyal years, Jake was no longer welcome at home. The Collie who had devoted his life to his family was now abandoned by them.

The family claimed they no longer had time for him. The shelter gave him the quietest kennel they could find. Jake was petrified. At 16, he couldn’t see or hear well. And was so confused as to why he was there in the first place.

The shelter volunteers got Jake settled then went on a mission calling up various rescues and friends in the area. Within several hours, they found a rescue willing to pick Jake up.

Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio sent two volunteers to pick Jake up. When they saw Jake, they cried. This precious, wise soul who was so sweet and gentle tugged at their heartstrings.

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