Jack Russell Terrier Lost At Sea Miraculously Found Alive


Tiny Jack Russel Terier with a life jacket was saved from the Gulf of Mexico near Hernando Beach. The boater saw a dog and helped her to get to safety. On the contrary, some breeds of dogs have been bred to work in water. For example, the Portuguese water dog or Irish water Spaniel.

Representatives of this breed are great swimmers, in contrast to the heavy short-legged bulldogs and dachshunds. Many dog owners naively believe that all dogs are excellent swimmers. However, there are those who can’t swim at all or swim only with great difficulty. They are corgis, Bassets, dachshunds, bulldogs, pugs, Scottish Terriers, Boston Terriers.

Some have a mortal fear of water, while others are quite able to overcome themselves for the sake of the owner and to get in the water, but this pastime will still be bad for them.