Inseparable Trio Was Dumped On The Side Of A Road


Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization in California, was alerted about three dogs who were wandering the streets. Apparently, their former owners had dumped them on the side of the street with a bag of bread, leaving them to fend for themselves. So, Hope For Paws did what they do best!

They arrived to where the dogs were and tried to lure one of them in using a cheeseburger. They also wanted to gain their trust as quickly as possible so they knew they were there to help them and not hurt them. But the other two dogs had to be rescued first because they were much more nervous. They were finally able to corner them and get a leash around them. They brought them into a neighbor’s house and the first dog followed them right in.

The three pups – Charlie, Nessie, and Dee-Dee – were so tired that they started to fall asleep in the car. When they got to their shelter, they gave them the medical care they needed, and of course lots of love! They are such sweet dogs; it is unfathomable how their former owners could just dump them on the streets like that! Thankfully, they’ll never have to worry about being abandoned ever again!