Husky Tries So Hard To Befriend The New Kitten


Husky meets a new member of the family and wants to make friends with a kitten. However, kitty sees a huge animals that barks and looks aggressive and feels frightened. Cat does not trust the dog and its cautiousness is in the way. Kitty does not make step ahead and just remains tense while doggy does everything possible to break the ice. All these efforts, however, just complicate the situation even more.
So the dog is puzzled. What should he do to be accepted by feline? Their first meeting looks like a complete failure despite the fact that husky is extremely submissive. The dog shows its belly, tries to pet the kitty, the dog tries to show that it is not dangerous and there is no need to be afraid. How to persuade the cat that dog is a friend? You can see it in the video.